Empowered financial advice
with unique monthly equity insights.

Empowered financial advice with unique monthly equity insights.

Be the Alpha of Financial Advice

FA Alpha 50

*Estimated returns based on backtest of FA Alpha screening process prior to October 2020, and actual returns of FA Alpha Ideas since.

Stocks that the FA Alpha 50 process identified for FA Alpha Members:

  • Apple Inc. (AAPL) +1,667%
  • MSCI Inc. (MSCI) +1,525%
  • The Trade Desk, Inc. (TTD) +1,274%
  • Medpace Holdings, Inc. (MEDP) +497%
  • Fox Factory Holding Corp. (FOXF) +381%

Wall Street’s stock picks can’t be trusted and the advertising bias of the mainstream financial media makes their news only sensationalist-driven.

Be in the know, with the same tools and analyses used by the biggest investment firms in the world, and be able to relay that to your clients and colleagues with confidence.

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