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Have you ever heard a wealthy person say “I did it by listening to Wall Street”?

We certainly haven’t.

No knowledgeable investor listens to what “the Street” has to say about stocks, because they know that the street’s analysis is both biased and flawed.

Why biased?

Recent research shows 55% of S&P 500 stock ratings are “Buys”, 38% are “Holds”, and just 7% are “Sells”.

How can only 7% of stocks be worse than average? Shouldn’t that number be closer to 50% by definition?

Certainly that would be the case if the goal of these analysts was to be “right”. Even after rules and regulations around banking changed, the goal of Wall Street analysts still isn’t to choose the right stocks; it’s to generate revenue.

And to generate revenue, they need to keep their real clients happy.

And you’re not one of those clients. It’s the companies themselves.

Not only is Wall Street research biased, but it is also incredibly flawed. 


Because Wall Street focuses on traditional metrics derived from as-reported accounting figures.

As-reported data that:

Data the best investors of this generation know to be garbage. 

Wall Street uses unreliable, unrealistic, unusable data to produce research every day. How can that be trusted to support good investment decisions?

How would clients feel if they knew their portfolios were in the hands of stewards using bad data? Would they stick around?

For you to consistently beat the market and generate alpha for your investors, you need to break away from traditional, Wall Street, as-reported-based research.

And FA Alpha is the solution to that need. 

FA Alpha is the ultimate research package that will change the game for financial advisors and money managers.

It combines the financial insights of two coveted monthly reports, FA Alpha 50 and FA Alpha Pulse, as well as daily updates, under one subscription.

FA Alpha 50 provides a screen of some of the best 50 stock ideas, as well as one highlighted analyst-recommended stock every month, by using the Uniform Accounting™ principles that are followed by top investment managers.

By screening for names on Quality, Growth, and Valuation metrics across a universe of over 5,000 names, the FA Alpha 50 screen cuts through the noise to deliver companies with strong fundamentals and inexpensive valuations.

FA Alpha Pulse brings together hundreds of different macroeconomic data points to distill the health of the overall economy into an easy-to-read diagnosis.

This is done by providing a comprehensive analysis of the key economic indicators beginning with the overall credit health of the economy, which is the catalyst for every prolonged recession over the last 100 years.

This value is unprecedented. You will receive both monthly stock picks and macro analysis for the price of 3 cups of coffee per month.

You can’t generate alpha by doing what mainstream financial media says - be unique with FA Alpha...

FA Alpha 50

Today, investors around the world use thousands of factors and data points in their search for alpha.

However, generating alpha by using traditional accounting data is typically not feasible because GAAP and IFRS mask the true quality and value of stocks. 

We created FA Alpha 50 with the same data and analysis that has led to exceptional returns. Data that accurately reflects the true performance and valuations of companies.

Through this subscription you will get:

Meanwhile, our daily newsletter gives you the inside track of what is in the headlines and what will soon be...

Be ahead of the game with daily insights ranging from company-specific breakdowns to credit analysis to macro talking points.

Armed with the latest insights that only the top investment firms have – and that the mainstream media totally misses – you could be the center of the next business luncheon or coffee discussion.

You could be the one that prospective clients and colleagues turn to for advice.

FA Alpha 50 can bring you the stock picks that will make a difference for your clients just as the recommendations from our previous reports have done for our existing readers:

By following our insights, they’ve made returns like these:

Wall Street’s stock picks can’t be trusted. The Street isn’t incentivized to bring stock market investors the highest returns.

And mainstream financial media makes their picks on sensationalist-driven news. They typically cover a stock only after it has spiked, when it is already far too late to make a healthy return.

Be in the know, and use the same tools and analyses the largest investment firms rely on to make money for themselves and clients.

FA Alpha Pulse

It’s been said that the four most expensive words in investing are “this time it’s different.” And yet the mainstream financial media seeks to make every daily stock market movement look like the end-all, be-all of the economy.

Meanwhile, Wall Street’s strong bias toward its corporate clients leaves their recommendations about the markets worse than having nothing at all.

Where are we really in the current bull or bear market cycle?  

How should you allocate assets? Stocks, bonds, or should you be parked in cash?

Wouldn’t it be powerful to have the perspective of more than 200 years of market research at your fingertips to share with clients and colleagues?

The ultimate goal of FA Alpha Pulse is to give you the final word on how to invest in the current investment environment and help your clients improve their investment allocation decision-making process.

This is done by providing a comprehensive analysis of key indicators and summarizing multiple complex factors into a format that can be quickly and easily understood.

FA Alpha Pulse digests a plethora of various macroeconomic data points and key contextual information and categorizes it into 4 key pillars of market health: credit health, corporate growth, investor sentiment, and market valuations.

Through this monthly subscription, you will receive:

We break down credit, equity, and macroeconomic signals to give you what historically only the top investment firms could afford to analyze.

FA Alpha Pulse gives you a clear vision into the state of the current market and how best to navigate it – helping you improve your financial insights and saving you significant time.

Readers of our unique, non-consensus macroeconomic reports were able to position themselves better during the pandemic.

When the whole market was panicked about further downside, we hunkered down and told our clients to seize the buying opportunity, calling a bottom that soon led to a massive turnaround, and making our clients more back than they lost during the brief recession.

Our systematic approach to understanding the market helps us avoid the emotional impulses that cause so many to damage returns and buy when high and sell when low. 

This in turn can help you ignore the noise of Wall Street analysts and sensationalist financial media outlets. Gain conviction in your allocation decisions, and be in the prime position to make the right call. 

Starting this month, you will no longer need or even want to read anything from Wall Street.

Instead, you will be able to peruse through insightful daily analysis including how geopolitical conflict impacts your portfolio, which industry is primed for further growth, and what stocks screen the best to buy today.

You’ll get to see one great stock pick each month, complete with better data and detailed fundamental research.

And you’ll get monthly updates on the four core market signals, as well as up-to-date, unique macro insights to share with clients. 

Try FA Alpha totally risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee and access those insights before it is too late...

Try FA Alpha Totally Risk-Free.

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